We interviewed Monica Seagle, owner of the local company Inside Out. Inside Out is an hands-on experiential learning program. They work closely with groups to define potential needs and design programs to meet those goals with a developmentally appropraite experience. Monica discussed how Camp Glen Arden helped put her where she is today, both physically and in her career!

Where are you from?

A small southern Louisiana town called Lockport where many of my Cajun family still live.

Why did you decide to come to the mountains?

I began taking adventure opportunities at an early age, going on trips with family, cousins and friends’ families. In college I overheard conversations about hiking, clan games, mountains, and camaraderie – enough to ask what they were talking about. turns out, Camp Glen Arden is what they were talking about and insisted that I needed do go there too! I had been a swimming instructor at my university so I was sold when I heard they needed swim instructors. Looking back, the 5 years I spent as a counselor at Camp Glen Arden played a key role in defining who I am today.

What was your favorite part about Camp Glen Arden?

I still find it amazing that as my life was being shaped by CGA, I was also shaping the lives of my campers. 30 years later, friends I made at camp, to this day, still play a huge part in my life.

What made you want to stay here in Hendersonville, NC?

Because of friends made at Camp Glen Arden I was given the chance to co-start an outdoor education company. Being a lover of nature, and adventure, I took it and have been operating Inside-Out, Inc. for over 25 years now. There are times when I miss my Louisiana home but how can one not daily fall in love with the beautiful mountains and rivers that surround us.