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Horseback Riding

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We teach Hunt Seat Equitation while thoroughly developing the horse woman through trail rides; participation in Horse Masters, our horse “adoption” program; and participation as Barn Rats to provide early morning care and feeding for camp horses.

Our two riding rings and classroom space in our 22-stall barn provide ample space for lessons taught by our highly skilled equestrian staff. A true sense of confidence is evident the first time a camper learns to tack a horse, post a trot or place in a show. Campers who wish to take riding while at Glen Arden will be evaluated during their first day at camp. This allows the riding staff to place each camper in a class best suited to her ability. Campers are required to wear riding helmets, long pants and hard-soled shoes with heels for their riding class. Whether a camper is a true beginner or advanced rider, she has the opportunity to compete in the Horse Show at the end of the July session.

“Horseback riding is my go-to activity that I always sign up for first. The best part of my day is seeing the horses, and I love being at the barn.”

Molly, Camper

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“Just dropped off Sydney for her 5th summer! Lovely wholesome all-girls camp. An incredible place!! Getting back to the pure and simple things of life – a perfect place to spend your summer as a kid. Adore this place!!!”

Susan B., Orlando, Florida

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