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Campers have an abundance of opportunities to participate in our water programs. At our Olympic-sized pool, you will find campers participating in swim instruction, hitting a ball in a spirited game of volleyball, or playing with friends during free swim. Follow the laughter and sounds of joy to the lake where campers blob, take a thrilling ride on our rope swing, bounce on the trampoline with fellow campers or enjoy a spin around the lake in a canoe, kayak, paddle board or WgWag.

Every Glen Arden camper has the opportunity to learn to swim or perfect skills she already has. Our American Red Cross-certified lifeguards and swim instructors administer the swim test on the first day of camp. Non-swimmers or beginner swimmers will have swim class as one of their activities assigned for them, but any camper can sign up to take swimming. Our spring-fed pool is a popular place for lessons, swim games, and water aerobics. At the end of our July session, the Red Blue Swim Meet involves all campers in relays and races.

“I spent three wonderful summers there (1976-78). I would love to go back and visit or catch up with old friends!”

Michelle C., Charlotte, North Carolina

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