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To spend your summer as a camp counselor provides the opportunity to be a positive role model for young, enthusiastic, and developing minds. The weight of the responsibility cannot be overstated, but the job can be the most rewarding experience you have ever undertaken.

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A Glen Arden counselor is not only a role model — she is a big sister, mentor, and good friend to the young girls for whom she is responsible. Your influence will inspire campers and make a lasting impression in their lives.

You will be required to operate with a high moral compass and exhibit the best character traits. We carefully select our staff and only hire those with the true intent of making a difference in our campers’ lives.

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Being a camp counselor at Camp Glen Arden can provide you with the happiest and most fulfilling summer of your life. While you will most certainly impact the life of a Glen Arden camper, we believe that Glen Arden will have a lasting impact on the lives of our staff as well. Whether you spent your own childhood summers at camp or you never had the opportunity to experience summer camp, we believe that camp can provide opportunities that no other summer job does. The friendships formed with campers and other staff are some of the strongest you will find.

Do you have what it takes to make a positive and uplifting experience in a young person’s life? If so, please complete our online application to tell us how you can enrich the experience of our campers.

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Why Work Here?

A summer at Glen Arden is one that you will cherish forever. Summers bookended by busy college schedules can offer many opportunities, but none are like spending the summer at camp. It is a time in your life like no other: a time when you can unplug and focus on making a positive difference in someone’s life; and a time for sharing your talents with others. It is a time to be silly and laugh and connect. It is a time to live in an uplifting community that celebrates each person for her accomplishments, both big and small. It is a time to make friendships that last a lifetime. It is a time to grow and learn about yourself while helping others do the same. It is time that only happens during a few years between leaving home for college and starting your career. There is no time better than this summer.

If you are looking for a job that loves you back, Glen Arden is your place!


Being a staff member at Glen Arden comes with many benefits, including paid room and board, three delicious meals a day, training and certification in a variety of skills and activities, leadership training and opportunties, a cabin in the mountains, new friends, a chance to make a difference, and an experience that will change your life.

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A Glen Arden counselor is held to the highest expectations. She is expected to be a good role model who leads by example. She should be of high moral character and capable of placing her campers’ needs ahead of her own. She should be willing to take on new challenges and contribute where needed. She should be able to laugh at herself and not judge others. She should be ready to have the summer of her dreams!


The best thing about working at camp is that there is a job to fit almost anyone. See the list of positions and descriptions below.

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Ready to Apply?

Our hiring process starts with completing our online staff application. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview if you qualify for a position at camp. All staff candidates are required to undergo a reference and criminal background check. Follow the link below to apply, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Cabin Counselor

live in a cabin with campers

Activity Instructor

Teach activities

Activity Specialist

Specialize in an activity area

Program Staff

Oversee a specific program

Support Staff

Work in our kitchen or with our housekeeping team

Medical Staff

Licensed professionals

Program support

Barn staff or maintenance