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The Arts

The Arts are among the favorite activities of Glen Arden girls. We offer a variety of art-based programs from the visual to the performing, and all campers are encouraged to take part in one of the creative disciplines that we offer.

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Performing Arts

Music, Drama and Dance

There are many avenues for our campers to express themselves in music, dance and drama. Campers have the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele or practice their skills on their own instruments under the direction of our talented staff. Several disciplines of dance - such as ballet, modern, jazz and hip-hop - are taught.

Our talent show at the end of each session is filled with group and solo performances showcasing the many skills acquired at camp. Our July campers present a different musical each summer to families on closing day.

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Visual Arts

Wood Carving, Pottery, Weaving and Crafts

Traditional arts and crafts are staples of the experience campers can expect. With patience and care, staff members teach the campers how to use carving knives to create delightful figures made of wood.

The weaving hut is a bright happy space dedicated to fiber art. Campers learn to weave intricate designs that become treasures to parents and friends.

Campers master pottery by beginning with the simplest pinch and coil pots and eventually learning to throw pots, mugs and bowls on the potter’s wheel.

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