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When one chooses an investment in a child’s future, what could be better than Camp Glen Arden?

Time at Glen Arden is total involvement in a warm and caring community where an organized, uplifting environment is the way of life.

Camp is a happy time of experiences shared with good friends. The opportunity to develop new skills and a true love for the backwoods is a daily process. Spending a summer in the mountains with new and old friends builds independence and friendships and results in a well-rounded, wholesome individual. This is what we hope for all our campers, and we strive to give them the guidance necessary to achieve these goals.

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Our parents play a very important role in this development before, during and after camp.

Complete support is necessary for your daughter’s success. The independence and self-reliance that she will gain while at Glen Arden will be remarkable.

It begins with your willingness to allow your daughter to be immersed in a culture that encourages trying new things; your willingness to allow her to make decisions on her own under the guidance of our cabin and activity staff; and your willingness to allow her to celebrate her accomplishments while learning that failure is only the beginning of the next challenge.

How can you support your daughter?

During her time at Glen Arden, you can support her growth through letters or emails delivered to her during rest hour referencing one of the many photos that you viewed through the camp’s on-line photo gallery. Letting her know that you are proud of her willingness to try new things and make new friends goes a long way in encouraging her to make the most of her time at camp.

When she arrives home from camp, you will recognize an increase in confidence, initiative, and independence that promotes responsible decision making. New skills and discovered talents gained while at camp can forge a path for future development at home and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Glen Arden is a magical place and has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. It provides a safe and nurturing environment where girls feel free to challenge themselves and to grow by trying new experiences and learning new skills. Our daughter has gained confidence and made friendships and memories at Camp Glen Arden which will last a lifetime!

Heather S.

Columbia, SC

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