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Mother Daughter Weekend

A weekend of fun and bonding

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For those of you who have wished aloud, “If only I could come to camp with my daughter,” we have a response. For those of you who stood in the parking lot at the end of our last reunion wishing for just one more story or song or s’more, we have an answer. For those of you who haven’t been with us in a while — or maybe ever — but are looking for a way to share in the Glen Arden magic, we have an idea. Join us at Camp Glen Arden Mother/Daughter Weekend!

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We have taken your favorite parts of camp and put them together for two nights and three days at the end of the summer for a never-to-be-forgotten weekend with your daughter/mother. We hope to create an experience for the two of you to share side by side. It’s an experience that will include the skill building, the camaraderie and the appreciation of nature that make our memories of summer camp so special.

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And what fun we will have! We will take nature walks and learn the lessons these woods have to share. We will saddle our horses and explore the trails in the mountains. We will swim, paddle, hike, rock on the porch, take long walks, visit and end the day with good food and songs. We will see old friends and make new ones. We will go to summer camp! And all of this will be offered with expert instruction and guidance every step of the way.

Our plans are to have you join us the afternoon of Friday, August 9 and stay at Glen Arden through the afternoon of Sunday, August 11. The cost for this weekend is $850 per Mother and one daughter. Each additional daughter will be $300. We will provide and include everything — meals, cabins, supplies, equipment, campfires, starry nights, waterfalls — we just need you!

Get out your calendars and consider ending your summer in the mountains with us.

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